Custom Index Services

Working closely with our clients to model and test their investment thesis. Create an investable portfolio, develop your benchmark or research new alpha generating signals. We custom create benchmarks and seek to improve existing strategies to meet client specifications. Alpha Vee offers a calculation and dissemination process through our partner network.

Complete Index Solution

An easy way to create a custom index of a basket of stocks, portfolio or user defined benchmark. We are the most complete and comprehensive provider of services for Direct Indexing your investment idea.

Dedicated Index Developers

Our team of professionals work closely with  clients to define, build and test the custom index.


Our custom index creation service include full support going forward. We manage the daily index updates and support our clients whenever a methodology change is required.

State of the art technology

The indexes are built using our proprietary software platform which we use for our own indexes. The Alpha Vee software platform enables building any type of model:  from a simple universe model to a complex multi-stage, multi-factor model.

Global Distribution

Our service offers daily calculation and dissemination.  The index values can be distributed across the globe to all the major front end systems. e.g.  Bloomberg, Google, Yahoo, etc  ..

Automated reporting and fact-sheet generation

Our service includes generation of custom reports and fact-sheets. Our clients determine what data is included in the reports and how it is displayed. The reports are generated automatically and can be distributed based on an automated schedule.

Alpha Vee Solutions Ltd

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